P7 Bespoke

In the realm of investment, the P7 Bespoke plan stands as a symbol of exclusivity and sophistication. Crafted for the discerning investor, Bespoke transcends traditional investment boundaries, offering a realm where financial aspirations and personalized strategies converge. This plan is the essence of individualized investment, tailored to meet the unique goals and preferences of each investor.

With Bespoke, you’re not just investing; you’re sculpting your financial future. Every aspect of the plan is molded to your specifications, from asset selection to risk management, ensuring that your portfolio not only meets but also anticipates your evolving financial landscape. This is where unmatched expertise meets unparalleled personalization, a service that redefines the essence of wealth management.


At the core of the P7 Bespoke plan, catering to investments starting from €1.5 million, is our unwavering dedication to understanding and actualizing each investor’s unique financial narrative. This plan isn’t just about numbers; it’s a commitment to an elevated level of service where every detail is meticulously tailored to reflect your financial personality and aspirations.

P7 Bespoke is more than an investment plan; it’s a journey of financial craftsmanship designed for those who seek to invest significant capital. It stands on the pillars of customization and flexibility, ensuring that your strategy isn’t just effective but a true embodiment of your vision. Our mission is to transform lofty investment goals into tangible outcomes, employing a strategy as distinct as the investor themselves.

The mission of P7 Bespoke is to transform your investment goals into reality, employing a strategy that is as unique as you are. It’s about going beyond the conventional to deliver an investment experience that is as rewarding as it is personal, ensuring that your financial future is not just secure, but also a true extension of your individual aspirations.


P7 Bespoke is where innovation meets individuality in investment planning. Here, every aspect of your investment journey is intricately tailored to match your unique financial landscape and aspirations.

1. Tailored Strategy Formulation: Our process begins with an in-depth understanding of your financial goals and risk preferences. This information is the cornerstone of a bespoke strategy, meticulously crafted to align with your specific objectives.

2. Access to Exclusive Opportunities: P7 Bespoke grants entry into a realm of exclusive investment opportunities. These include privileged access to lucrative assets, specialized projects, and unique ventures poised for significant returns.

3. Dynamic Management of Bespoke Assets: For investors choosing the asset management route, we offer proactive management of selected businesses and assets. You retain ownership from the onset, with P7 at the helm steering towards profitability.

4. Robust Risk Control Measures: A hallmark of P7 Bespoke is our uncompromising approach to risk mitigation. Investments are anchored in tangible assets, with continuous oversight and strategy adaptation to protect and grow your interests.

5. Consistent Engagement and Insight: We maintain a transparent, ongoing dialogue with you, providing regular updates and comprehensive reviews. This ensures that you remain well-informed and in command of your investment journey.

P7 Bespoke isn’t just an investment plan; it’s a gateway to personalized financial success. Our approach is as distinct as each investor we serve, guaranteeing that your financial endeavors reflect and resonate with your individual investment identity.”

Your Bespoke Voyage

Architecting Financial Excellence: PineSeven’s bespoke plan embodies a confluence of expert financial craftsmanship and visionary planning.

We are the architects of your investment blueprint, meticulously constructing a personalized financial strategy that aligns seamlessly with your unique aspirations, shaping a future where your financial goals are not just met, but surpassed.

Get, Set, Ready

Initial Contact

Initial Contact

Your journey with P7 begins here. Reach out to us with your interest in the bespoke plan. This initial interaction sets the stage for a tailored investment experience.

NDA Agreement

NDA Agreement

The cornerstone of our mutual trust. Both P7 and you will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, safeguarding the confidentiality of our discussions and your investment plans.

Investor Needs Assessment

Investor Needs Assessment

A deep dive into your investment objectives. We’ll gather details about your financial goals, risk appetite, and the scale of investment you’re considering.

Plan Crafting

Research & Design Fee

Research & Design Fee

To commence the bespoke plan design, a fee is required. This covers the comprehensive research and strategic planning needed to craft your personalized investment scheme.

Plan Development

Plan Development

Leveraging insights from the needs assessment, we develop a unique investment plan tailored to your specifications.

This process, balancing risk with potential returns, typically takes 2 to 5 months to ensure thoroughness and precision.

Plan Presentation

Plan Presentation

The unveiling of your customized investment plan.

We present a detailed strategy, showcasing how it aligns with your financial goals and investment criteria.

Investor Review and Decision

Investor Review and Decision

Time for your crucial decision. Review the proposed investment scheme, weigh its merits, and decide if it aligns with your expectations and investment philosophy.

Final Agreement and Implementation

Final Agreement and Implementation

Once the management fee is agreed upon, the final step is to draft and sign the agreement.

This formalizes your decision and sets in motion the implementation of the bespoke  plan, marking the beginning of a new phase in your investment journey.

Alternative Path

Bespoke Asset Strategy Initiative

Bespoke Asset Strategy Initiative

If a mutually agreeable classic investment plan isn’t viable, P7 offers to create or acquire a business or asset specifically for you.

You become the legal owner from the outset, while P7 manages it to ensure profitability. This option includes developing a custom strategy, acquiring or establishing the asset or business, and implementing effective management practices.

The focus is on achieving profitability under your ownership, with P7 functioning as the management team for a fixed fee.

Investor Review & Decision

Investor Review & Decision

After presenting the alternative asset management option, it’s time for your careful consideration. Review our proposal, evaluate its alignment with your financial goals, and make an informed decision on proceeding with this customized investment strategy

Management Fee Agreement

Management Fee Agreement

Should you decide to proceed with the alternative management option, we’ll discuss and finalize a management fee structure.

This fee is for overseeing the asset or business operations, ensuring profitability and growth under your ownership



Final Agreement and Implementation

Final Agreement and Implementation

Once the management fee is agreed upon, the final step is to draft and sign the agreement.

This formalizes your decision and sets in motion the implementation of the bespoke asset management plan, marking the beginning of a new phase in your investment journey.

Bespoke Plan Advantages​

Custom-Tailored Investments

In the Bespoke Plan, investments are not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

We intricately design each investment strategy to cater to your unique financial goals and aspirations.

This approach ensures that your investment journey is finely tuned to your personal risk appetite, desired returns, and long-term financial objectives.

At P7, we see your investment not just as a transaction, but as a personalized roadmap to your financial success, crafted with precision and attention to your specific needs.

Our commitment is to align our strategies with your vision, ensuring that every step in your investment journey is a step towards realizing your unique financial goals.

Flexible Investment Framework

The cornerstone of P7’s Bespoke Plan is its adaptability to each investor’s unique financial goals and requirements.

We dedicate significant resources to research and craft an investment strategy that is meticulously tailored to your specific needs. This personalized approach ensures that your investment plan is not just a standard package but a bespoke solution aligned with your financial aspirations

– Furthermore, if the initially proposed investment strategy does not align with P7’s profitability criteria, yet remains generally profitable, we pivot to an asset management model.

In this alternative path, we actively manage specific assets or business ventures, making them profitable under your ownership.

This dual approach – crafting custom investment plans and offering direct asset management – exemplifies the true flexibility of the Bespoke Plan, catering to a range of investment scenarios while maintaining the potential for substantial returns.

Advanced Risk Mitigation

At the heart of P7’s Bespoke Plan lies a sophisticated risk mitigation strategy.

We employ a multi-layered approach to risk management, encompassing asset-backed investment structure, thorough market analysis, due diligence, and continual monitoring.

Each investment is carefully anchored in tangible assets, ensuring stability and minimizing exposure to volatile markets.

This approach eliminates the uncertainty associated with speculative investments like stock market fluctuations.

– Additionally, the Bespoke Plan is built on a foundation of asset diversification. By spreading investments across various sectors and assets, we reduce the impact of sector-specific downturns, thus providing a buffer against market volatility. This diversification not only mitigates risk but also opens avenues for steady growth, even in challenging economic climates.

We tailor the investment to align with your specific needs while maintaining a strong focus on real-world assets. Whether it’s real estate, transport vehicles, or other physical assets, our strategy involves direct investment in sectors with proven durability and growth potential.

– Our risk mitigation also includes comprehensive market analysis, thorough due diligence, and continuous monitoring. By identifying and addressing potential risks early, we ensure your investment is safeguarded against unexpected market changes.

This proactive risk management, combined with a focus on tangible assets, provides a secure foundation for your bespoke investment journey.

No Hidden Fees

In the P7 Bespoke Plan, financial clarity is paramount.

We operate with a transparent fee structure, ensuring that you are fully aware of all costs associated with your bespoke investment.

This approach eliminates any surprises or hidden expenses, allowing you to plan and invest with confidence. Our fees are explicitly stated upfront – for research, design, and any management services.

This transparency in pricing is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to ethical investment practices, ensuring that you retain control over your financial decisions without the worry of unforeseen charges.

Unique Compounded Benefits

P7’s Bespoke Plan offers a suite of unique compounded benefits, meticulously designed to elevate your investment journey.

Our approach combines the advantages of duration-based scaling returns, asset growth reinvestment options, and a loyalty rewards program, each element working synergistically to amplify your investment’s potential.

  • Duration-Based Scaling Returns: Longer commitments are rewarded in our Bespoke Plan. The longer your investment term, the higher your yield, creating an upward trajectory for your returns over time.
  • Asset Growth Reinvestment Option: This option allows you to reinvest the growth of your initial investment within the bespoke asset strategy. It’s a powerful tool to compound your wealth, leveraging the initial success for even greater returns.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: Your continued partnership with P7 is valued and rewarded. This program offers multiple benefits such as preferential management fees, exclusive access to new and lucrative investment opportunities, and invitations to premier events.
  • Strategic Referral Partnerships: For Bespoke investors, referrals open doors to collaborative ventures and exclusive deals. It’s more than a referral system; it’s an opportunity to expand your investment horizon through strategic partnerships and joint investments.

These unique benefits are not just add-ons; they are integral parts of the Bespoke Plan, designed to align with your investment goals and enhance your financial growth.

Each benefit is a step towards realizing the full potential of your investment, ensuring that your financial aspirations are not only met but exceeded.

Exclusive Investment Opportunities

P7’s Bespoke Plan opens doors to a realm of exclusive investment opportunities, reserved for those who seek more than just the ordinary. Bespoke plan is designed for discerning investors who demand unique and lucrative avenues to grow their wealth.

  • Tailored Ventures: We offer access to specially curated investment projects that are typically beyond the reach of regular investment plans. These ventures are handpicked for their potential to deliver exceptional returns and are aligned with your specific financial goals and risk appetite.
  • Off-Market Deals: Being a part of our Bespoke Plan means getting first-hand access to off-market deals. These are opportunities that are not available to the general public, offering a unique advantage to our investors.

Direct Asset Acquisitions: We facilitate direct acquisitions of high-value assets, including real estate, businesses, or luxury items. These are tangible investments with inherent value, providing a solid foundation for your portfolio.

  • Co-Investment Opportunities: The Bespoke Plan also enables co-investment scenarios where you can partner with other like-minded investors or even with P7 itself in specific projects. This collaborative approach not only diversifies risk but also amplifies the potential for higher returns.
  • Custom Investment Vehicles: We understand that each investor has unique aspirations. Therefore, we create custom investment vehicles tailored to individual preferences and investment targets. These bespoke solutions are crafted to maximize returns while aligning with personal investment philosophies.

Each of these opportunities is an invitation to venture beyond the conventional, exploring avenues that promise not only financial returns but also align with your vision of investment excellence.

The Bespoke Plan is about making your mark in the investment world, with P7 guiding you at every step.