Is PineSeven Safe?

P7 is committed to ensuring reliability and the highest standards of privacy and information security. Our organizational structure and technical solutions are purpose-built for the secure processing of sensitive information. Every aspect of P7, from systems to services, is designed to deliver a secure and dependable experience for our customers.

This page serves as a valuable resource for those interested in P7, offering transparency into our security posture and our steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security across our operations.

Is PineSeven safe to use?

PineSeven is a secure choice or your investment management needs, providing you an opportunity to exercise the same precautions any other financial service platform.

Moreover, PineSeven distinguishes itself as a financial technology company rather than solely traditional investment firm. Nonetheless, your funds are safeguarded similarly to a standard bank account, with the primary divergence being PineSeven’s tendency to have no fees and greater flexibility.

As a technology-driven company, PineSeven diligently deploys advanced measures to protect customers and their investments. P7 employs technologies encompassing both automated and manual processes to thwart fraud and ensure the security of customer funds.

Is PineSeven Legit?

Yes it is. PineSeven subject to the laws of the countries in which it operates. PineSeven is authorized and regulated by many agencies in several countries, ensuring its customers’ investments are safe and guaranteed.

Is PineSeven safe for large amounts?

PineSeven offers secure options to conduct high-value transactions. When transferring substantial sums from your bank to your PineSeven account, check your bank’s payment limits for compliance and safety.


Investements in PineSeven are protected by a legal structure allowing conversion into equity or tangible assets, such as equipment or real estate. Providing your capital with tangible fallback options for preservation and liquidity.


Additionally, funds held in PineSeven are FDIC-insured as well. It provides coverage up to the legal maximum of 250,000 USD.

How does P7 protects personal data?

PineSeven, like all financial companies, requires certain personal information to provide account and transaction services. It prioritizes keeping personal data safe through policies and procedures.

PineSeven strictly adheres to best practices and legal requirements when storing personal data. It safeguards information, and limits sharing to PineSeven’s privacy policy guidelines.

This data serves practical purposes, including transaction processing, legal compliance, and marketing, with the option for users to request non-participation in marketing activities. However, some data collection remains mandatory due to legal obligations.

Furthermore, PineSeven utilizes third-party servers in secure data centers with firewalls and restricted access to comply with regulations. It ensures data encryption during transmission between PineSeven mobile apps, servers, and third parties.

Is PineSeven safer than traditional investment options?

PineSeven stands out as a safer investment option compared to various traditional investment alternatives, including secured bonds, crypto investments, investment funds, and registered fixed income instruments. While each investment avenue has its merits, PineSeven offers distinct advantages that make it an appealing choice for investors seeking security and reliable returns.

Unlike secured bonds and registered fixed income instruments which may offer fixed interest rates but are subject to market fluctuations,, issuer risk and low returns, PineSeven’s asset-backed investment approach provides stability and predictability in returns without the burden of management and performance fees. This ensures that investors can enjoy consistent earnings over time without exposure to excessive fees that can erode gains.

Additionally, when compared to traditional investment funds, PineSeven stands out for its accessibility and lower minimum investment requirements. While traditional funds may impose high entry barriers and fees, PineSeven opens wealth-building opportunities to a broader base of investors with lower minimum entry points and fee-free investment options.

In summary, PineSeven’s commitment to transparency, security, and accessibility makes it a safer and more reliable investment option compared to traditional alternatives like secured bonds, crypto investments, investment funds, and registered investment instruments. With FDIC insurance coverage and a commitment to transparent, reliable returns, PineSeven stands out as a secure choice for investors seeking stability and growth.



It’s our business to ensure reliability and the highest standards of privacy and information security. Our organizational structure and technical solutions are purpose-built for the secure processing of sensitive information. Every aspect of P7, from systems to services, is designed to deliver a secure and dependable experience for our customers.

Infrastructure security

Encryption key access restricted

PineSeven restricts privileged access to encryption keys to authorized users with a business need.

Unique account authentication enforced

PineSeven requires authentication to systems and applications to use unique username and password or authorized Secure Socket Shell (SSH) keys.

Production application access restricted

System access restricted to authorized access only.

Log management utilized

PineSeven utilizes a log management tool to identify events that may have a potential impact on the company’s ability to achieve its security objectives.

Network segmentation implemented

PineSeven’s network is segmented to prevent unauthorized access to customer data.

Network firewalls reviewed

PineSeven reviews its firewall rulesets at least annually. Required changes are tracked to completion.

Network firewalls utilized

PineSeven uses firewalls and configures them to prevent unauthorized access.

Firewall access restricted

PineSeven restricts privileged access to the firewall to authorized users with a business need.

Access revoked upon termination

PineSeven completes termination checklists to ensure that access is revoked for terminated employees within SLAs.

Unique network system authentication enforced

PineSeven requires authentication to the “production network” to use unique usernames and passwords or authorized Secure Socket Shell (SSH) keys.

Remote access encrypted enforced

PineSeven’s production systems can only be remotely accessed by authorized employees via an approved encrypted connection.

Intrusion detection system utilized

PineSeven uses an intrusion detection system to provide continuous monitoring of the company’s network and early detection of potential security breaches.

Service infrastructure maintained

PineSeven has infrastructure supporting the service patched as a part of routine maintenance and as a result of identified vulnerabilities to help ensure that servers supporting the service are hardened against security threats.

Organizational security

Asset disposal procedures utilized

PineSeven has electronic media containing confidential information purged or destroyed in accordance with best practices, and certificates of destruction are issued for each device destroyed.

Production inventory maintained

PineSeven maintains a formal inventory of production system assets.

Employee background checks performed

PineSeven performs background checks on new employees

Code of Conduct acknowledged by contractors

PineSeven requires contractor agreements to include a code of conduct or reference to the company code of conduct.

Visitor procedures enforced

PineSeven requires visitors to sign-in, wear a visitor badge, and be escorted by an authorized employee when accessing the data center or secure areas.

Code of Conduct acknowledged by employees and enforced

PineSeven requires employees to acknowledge a code of conduct at the time of hire. Employees who violate the code of conduct are subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with a disciplinary policy.

Confidentiality Agreement acknowledged by contractors

PineSeven requires contractors to sign a confidentiality agreement at the time of engagement

Confidentiality Agreement acknowledged by employees

PineSeven requires employees to sign a confidentiality agreement during onboarding.

Performance evaluations conducted

PineSeven’s managers are required to complete performance evaluations for direct reports at least annually.

Password policy enforced

PineSeven requires passwords for in-scope system components to be configured according to the company’s policy.

Product security

Data encryption utilized

PineSeven’s datastores housing sensitive customer data are encrypted at rest.

Control self-assessments conducted

PineSeven performs control self-assessments at least annually to gain assurance that controls are in place and operating effectively. Corrective actions are taken based on relevant findings

Penetration testing performed

PineSeven’s penetration testing is performed at least annually. A remediation plan is developed and changes are implemented to remediate vulnerabilities in accordance with SLAs

Data transmission encrypted

PineSeven uses secure data transmission protocols to encrypt confidential and sensitive data when transmitted over public networks.

Vulnerability and system monitoring procedures established

PineSeven’s formal policies outline the requirements for the following functions related to IT / Engineering:

  • vulnerability management;
  • system monitoring.

Internal security procedures

Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans established

PineSeven has Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans in place that outline communication plans in order to maintain information security continuity in the event of the unavailability of key personnel.

Continuity and disaster recovery plans tested

PineSeven has a documented business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan and tests it at least annually.

Cybersecurity insurance maintained

PineSeven maintains cybersecurity insurance to mitigate the financial impact of business disruptions.

Whistleblower policy established

PineSeven has established a formalized whistleblower policy, and an anonymous communication channel is in place for users to report potential issues or fraud concerns.

Backup processes established

PineSeven’s data backup policy documents requirements for backup and recovery of customer data.

System changes externally communicated

PineSeven notifies customers of critical system changes that may affect their processing.

Risks assessments performed

PineSeven’s risk assessments are performed at least annually. As part of this process, threats and changes (environmental, regulatory, and technological) to service commitments are identified and the risks are formally assessed. The risk assessment includes a consideration of the potential for fraud and how fraud may impact the achievement of objectives.

Risk management program established

PineSeven has a documented risk management program in place that includes guidance on the identification of potential threats, rating the significance of the risks associated with the identified threats, and mitigation strategies for those risks.

Configuration management system established

PineSeven has a configuration management procedure in place to ensure that system configurations are deployed consistently throughout the environment.

Change management procedures enforced

PineSeven requires changes to software and infrastructure components of the service to be authorized, formally documented, tested, reviewed, and approved prior to being implemented in the production environment.

Production deployment access restricted

PineSeven restricts access to migrate changes to production to authorized personnel.

Development lifecycle established

PineSeven has a formal systems development life cycle (SDLC) methodology in place that governs the development, acquisition, implementation, changes (including emergency changes), and maintenance of information systems and related technology requirements.

Support system available

PineSeven has an external-facing support system in place that allows users to report system information on failures, incidents, concerns, and other complaints to appropriate personnel.

System changes communicated

PineSeven communicates system changes to authorized internal users.

Data and privacy

Data retention procedures established

PineSeven has formal retention and disposal procedures in place to guide the secure retention and disposal of company and customer data.

Data classification policy established

PineSeven has a data classification policy in place to help ensure that confidential data is properly secured and restricted to authorized personnel.

These entities are named as sub-processors as they access end-users' personal data on behalf of P7 to assist us with our services' provision to our Customers.

Sub-processors used by P7

Veriff’s group entities:

Veriff’s group entities:

Veriff Spain S.L., a company incorporated under the laws of Spain, with registered office at Avenida Diagonal 123, 00805 Barcelona, Spain


Veriff UK Ltd, with registered address at 9th Floor, 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN, United Kingdom


Veriff Inc., with registered address at 251 Little Falls Drive Wilmington, New Castle County Delaware 19808-1674 State of Delaware, United States

What do the sub-processors do? Provide functions for P7’s identity verification service provision.

What are the primary processing locations? Data storage in EEA (Ireland). Processing in the EEA, the UK and the US.

Google Cloud EMEA

Google Cloud EMEA

a company incorporated under the laws of Ireland, with offices at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland

What does the sub-processor do? Provides media processing services.

What is the primary processing location? EEA.

Adobe Systems Software

Adobe Systems Software

Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of Ireland, with offices at 4‑6 Riverwalk, Citywest Business Park, Dublin 24, Ireland.

What does the sub-processor do? Provides E-signature processing services.

What is the primary processing location? EEA.


SHIELD AI group entities:

SHIELD AI Technologies Pte. Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of Germany, with registered office at Schönhauser Allee 163, 10435 Berlin, Germany

SHIELD AI Technologies Pte Ltd,a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore, with registered office a 1 Fifth Ave, #04-06 Guthrie House, Singapore 268802

What do the sub-processors do? Provide functions for P7’s device verification service provision.

What is the primary processing location? EEA.

Global Data Consortium, Inc.

Global Data Consortium, Inc.

a North Carolina Corporation with offices at 1101 Haynes Street, Suite 109 Raleigh, NC, USA, 27604

What does the sub-processor do? Information verification against external data sources, e.g. local authorities’ registries.

What are the primary processing locations? EEA. End-user’s verification information may be transferred to a third country if data needs to be checked outside of the EEA.




Our sophisticated fraud prevention system powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and bolstered by an expansive database encompassing over 700 billion data points, P7 Sentinel combines a suite of advanced security features seamlessly integrated into its framework.

P7 Sentinel operates by dynamically analyzing user behavior and device attributes in real-time, facilitating agile risk assessment and preemptive threat detection. By cross-referencing user-provided information against a vast reservoir of verified identities and suspicious activities, P7 Sentinel swiftly identifies and neutralizes potential risks, safeguarding our stakeholders.

Reporting vulnerabilities

Responsible Disclosure

Our business depends on making sure our services are safe. If you find a security vulnerability we hope you’ll let us know. 

How to report a security bug

To report a security bug:

You need an account on HackerOne to be eligible for our Bug Bounty Program.

Request an invite to our bug bounty program on HackerOne by sending an email with your HackerOne username and email to

Rewards are granted at our discretion. Please do not send any reports to this address.

Testing should be done on your own live P7 account.

Security is a never-ending job and we are constantly seeking to improve.

If you have any questions about our security efforts or suggestions on how PineSeven could be improved, please let us know at

Enterprise Resilience​

At PineSeven (P7), our unwavering commitment to operational effectiveness is pivotal, especially in the face of varied challenges. Our enterprise resilience strategy is comprehensive, encompassing several key aspects:
At P7, comprehensive risk assessment and vigilant monitoring form the cornerstone of our enterprise resilience strategy. We employ advanced analytical tools and methodologies to evaluate market dynamics, regulatory changes, and operational risks. Our dedicated team meticulously scrutinizes every aspect of our portfolio and internal processes, ensuring prompt identification of potential threats.
This continuous and systematic approach allows us to adapt quickly to evolving financial landscapes, thereby safeguarding investor interests and maintaining the integrity and performance of our investments.
P7's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) planning is a strategic priority, designed to ensure uninterrupted operation and service delivery. Our BCDR framework encompasses robust contingency plans, resilient infrastructure, and rapid response mechanisms. We regularly update and test our BCDR protocols to handle unforeseen events effectively, from natural disasters to cyber threats.
This proactive planning enables us to maintain operational stability and protect our investors' assets, ensuring minimal impact from potential disruptions.
P7 employs a dynamic crisis management approach, focused on swift identification, assessment, and resolution of critical incidents. We have established a dedicated crisis management team, equipped with clear protocols and effective communication strategies. This team is responsible for mitigating risks, minimizing impact on operations, and safeguarding investors' interests during emergencies.
Through ongoing training and simulations, we ensure preparedness for a range of crisis scenarios, from market volatility to operational challenges.
P7's rigorous stress testing regimen is integral to our risk management strategy. We conduct comprehensive stress tests to evaluate the resilience of our investment models and operational framework under various extreme but plausible scenarios. These tests encompass market downturns, liquidity crunches, and operational disruptions, providing insights into potential vulnerabilities. The outcomes guide our decision-making process, enhancing our strategies for risk mitigation and capital preservation.
This thorough approach ensures P7's stability and sustainability, even in the face of significant economic stresses

Open Books, Open Opportunities

At P7, we redefine the investment landscape by embracing a model of full transparency and direct ownership. Unlike conventional platforms that serve merely as intermediaries, we take a proactive stance with end-to-end responsibility for our fully owned business portfolio. This approach not only sets us apart but also fortifies our commitment to our investors’ success.

Transparency in Action

Direct Ownership and Asset-Backed Security:

At P7, we break the mold of traditional investment platforms by not charging management fees. Our revenue model is uniquely designed around the success and growth of our directly owned businesses and strategic investments in tangible assets. This approach ensures our interests are perfectly aligned with those of our investors, fostering a partnership based on mutual success and transparency.

Resilience and Strategic Acquisitions

While economic downturns pose challenges, they also present unmatched opportunities for growth and acquisition. P7’s strategy is crafted to leverage these moments, allowing us to acquire valuable assets at competitive prices. Our focus on SMEs and unexploited physical assets, primarily in regions with low competition positions us uniquely to capitalize during economic downturns. We acquire valuable assets at favorable prices, translating crises into growth opportunities for our investors.

End-to-End Responsibility

What sets P7 apart is our commitment to full ownership and operational control over our investments. Unlike platforms that act merely as intermediaries, P7 ensures end-to-end responsibility for all its businesses. This level of involvement guarantees a standard of quality and reliability unmatched in the investment world, offering our investors unparalleled security and confidence in their investments. 

Beyond Transparency and Responsibility

At P7, our commitment extends beyond transparency and end-to-end management. We elevate investment security by structuring them as asset-backed loans. This strategy not only adds a robust security layer but also distinguishes us from traditional investments like bonds, which lack direct protection against default. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, our asset-backed approach provides a clearer path for investor capital recovery.

Optimized Tax Efficiency and High Yields

Our ability to offer exceptional returns is also a result of our strategic investment structure. By managing investments as loans within our fully-owned portfolio, we significantly minimize tax liabilities. This tax efficiency, coupled with the inherent security of asset-backed loans, enables P7 to deliver high-yield returns, setting a new standard in investment value.

Complaints and Fraud Reports

Do you want to submit a complaint?

What happens after I make a complaint?

PineSeven will:

  • email you that we got your complaint

  • ask for any extra information, if we need it

  • investigate your case and your concerns, referring to the Terms and Conditions

  • email you to explain what actions we took and why

We’ll look into your case as quickly as possible. We aim to acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours and send you a final response within 15 calendar days. On rare occasions, we may need to extend the deadline to investigate your case in detail and we’ll let you know if we need more time. 

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