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Our Mission: P7 stands at the forefront of investment innovation, dedicated to providing comprehensive and strategic investment solutions. Our focus is on creating financial stability and prosperity for our clients, while actively contributing to economic growth and societal well-being.

Investment Philosophy: At P7, we prioritize security, transparency, and inclusivity. Our investments are strategically channeled into a diverse range of real-world businesses, ensuring tangible impacts and consistent returns. Our approach is about more than just financial gain; it’s about fostering sustainable growth and resilience in the sectors we invest in.

Fiduciary Responsibility: We adhere to the highest standards of fiduciary duty, always placing our clients’ interests at the heart of what we do. Our decisions are guided by a commitment to ethical practices and long-term client relationships, ensuring integrity in every aspect of our business.

Building Resilient Economies: Our investment strategies are designed not only for individual financial success but also for contributing to broader economic stability. We believe in a balanced approach that supports both our clients’ goals and the health of global economies.

Who we serve: We serve a diverse range of clients, from individual investors seeking growth and stability to organizations looking for strategic financial management. Our bespoke investment plans cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring personalized and effective investment solutions.

Commitment to Communities: P7 is more than an investment firm; we are a community partner. We engage in various initiatives to support local communities and promote social responsibility, aligning our business growth with societal progress.

Ethics and Compliance

The way we do business

Protecting P7’s Assets and Information

Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of P7’s assets and information is paramount. We prioritize robust security measures and responsible data management to safeguard our resources and maintain trust.

Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S)

P7 is committed to promoting a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible workspace. We adhere to strict standards to ensure the well-being of our community and the planet.

Harassment and Discrimination

At P7, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment and discrimination, fostering an inclusive and respectful environment for everyone.

Drugs and Alcohol

P7 upholds a strict policy against the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace to ensure a safe, healthy, and productive environment for all team members

NDA Agreements

P7 places a high priority on confidentiality and the safeguarding of sensitive information. Our NDA agreements are central to this effort, protecting proprietary data and maintaining trust with partners and clients.

Records and Information Management

At P7, efficient and secure management of records and information is key. We ensure accuracy, privacy, and accessibility of data, supporting informed decisions and regulatory compliance.

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

P7 is committed to fair and transparent practices. We proactively identify and address potential conflicts of interest to maintain integrity and trust in all our business dealings

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

P7 rigorously adheres to all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that our operations are conducted within legal and ethical standards, safeguarding our reputation and commitments.

Financial Integrity and Transparency

P7 upholds the highest standards of financial integrity and transparency, ensuring clear, accurate financial reporting and responsible fiscal management in all our dealings.

Employee Rights and Labor Standards

P7 is committed to respecting and upholding employee rights and adhering to the highest labor standards, ensuring a fair, safe, and equitable workplace for all our team members.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

P7 actively engages in community development and upholds social responsibility, fostering positive impact through ethical business practices and community-oriented initiatives.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

P7 adheres to stringent anti-corruption policies, ensuring all transactions and interactions are conducted with integrity, free from bribery and unethical practices.

Data Privacy and Security

P7 prioritizes the safeguarding of personal and financial data, implementing robust security measures to ensure privacy and protect against unauthorized access.

Racial Equity and Justice

P7 is deeply committed to fostering racial equity and confronting injustice.

Recognizing the systemic barriers that perpetuate inequality, we actively work towards creating an inclusive environment that values diversity in all aspects of our business operations. This involves equitable hiring practices, ongoing diversity training, and supporting initiatives that promote social justice and racial equality.

We believe that a commitment to these values not only strengthens our organization but also reflects our responsibility towards building a more equitable and just society.

Inclusive Recruitment

Inclusive Recruitment

Our hiring process champions diversity, ensuring fairness and representation across all levels of our organization

Educational Initiatives

Educational Initiatives

We prioritize continuous learning about racial equity, through regular training and workshops for our team.

Community Support

Community Support

P7 actively backs community programs and movements dedicated to fostering racial equality and social justice

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity

Our workplace is a mosaic of diverse cultures and perspectives, celebrating differences as a source of strength and innovation.


Mission Roadmap

Welcome to the Mission Roadmap – a map of how we plan to achieve the mission of wealth growth without borders: making investments safe, transparent, and convenient.


Adding German language

Adding German language to the P7 platfrom.

Adding French language

Adding French language to the P7 platform

Adding Swedish language

Adding Swedish language to the P7 platform

Discoverability Control

You can control in one place how people can search for you in their P7 app (by email, phone number, nickname)

Unified Career Platform

Developing a comprehensive job offering platform that encompasses PineSeven and all companies within our business portfolio, providing a unified platform for recruitment across our ventures.

Business signup and verification process

Implementing separate business accounts with separate onboarding and verification process.


Investment Planner

Investment planner feature added to the user dashboard for streamlined returns and investment calculations.

System Status

Introduced system status monitoring feature, enabling users to conveniently check the operational status of the system for any malfunctions.


P7 Sentinel, our pinnacle security suite engineered to fortify your investments against evolving cyber threats. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and bolstered by an expansive database encompassing over 700 billion data points, P7 Sentinel combines a suite of advanced security features seamlessly integrated into its framework.

Dashboard eSignature integration

Integrated eSignature within the dashboard expediting investment approval, eliminating the need for separate email-delivered investment agreements.


Joint accounts

Integration of joint accounts, making it easier for multiple users or family members to share ownership and manage finances together.

POD accounts

Integration of a POD (Payable on Death) accounts, allowing users to designate beneficiaries for their assets.

College Savings Account Initiative

We are exploring the development of a specialized college savings account tailored to our investment fund’s unique approach. Designed to offer higher returns than traditional banking options, this initiative aims to provide investors with a dedicated vehicle for saving towards educational expenses.

Financial Health Checkup

Integration of a feature that evaluates a user’s overall financial health by considering their investments on P7, along with other financial commitments and assets.

Publicly Transparent Stabilization Fund

The Stabilization Fund enhances PineSeven’s stability by strategically allocating reserve assets to mitigate market volatility and safeguard investor capital.

The Publicly Transparent Stabilization Fund is being developed to replace existing contingency funds initiative, offering enhanced transparency and safety for investors. Its primary objective is to provide full visibility into reserve assets, ensuring clarity and confidence in investment decisions.

Accounting Software Integrations

Integration of various accounting software solutions to enhance financial management capabilities within our platform

Mobile App

Development of a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms, providing users with convenient access to our platform’s features on their mobile devices.

Online support chat

Integrating an online support chat feature, providing users with real-time assistance and guidance directly within the platform.

Crypto Exchange Integration

We are actively developing a robust crypto exchange functionality to seamlessly integrate with our platform. This new feature will empower users to trade a diverse range of cryptocurrencies securely and conveniently, enhancing the versatility of our investment platform.

P7 Community Hub

This community hub will serve as a space for P7 investors to engage in discussions, ask questions, share insights, and potentially trade stakes with fellow investors.

Choose the right solution

Select from tailored investment options that align with your financial goals. Each plan with P7 offers a unique blend of security and growth potential.


One-year plan with investment range from €1.5K to €5K. Ideal for short-term growth.


/ yr.


Three-year commitment with options from €10K to €70K. Balancing longevity and returns.


/ yr.


Top Rated

Five-year horizon, investing €100K to €800K. For profound, long-term financial expansion.


/ yr.